The Biology of LED’s

What do fireflies have to do with LEDs? I, Dr. Bulb, have an intriguing answer to this question. If you think that fireflies are only good for imprisoning in jars or smearing all over your face in the dark so you glow, boy, are you wrong!

Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have examined the way that fireflies emit light to see if it can be replicated in lighting design. Researchers explored the nanostructure of the lantern cuticle of fireflies at the lab to determine if there were any ways to replicate aspects of this biology in LED manufacturing. Incredibly, the new knowledge of the natural structure of fireflies may be used as a blueprint for lenses that increase the extraction efficiency of LEDs. This story is groundbreaking, considering the potential for future investigations of naturally occurring biological systems to translate into technologies. These findings may lead to performance gains, as evidenced by the connection between fireflies and LEDs. Read more on this research here.

LEDs are continuously improving. These improvements include better manufacturing practices, leading to a drop in the initial cost of purchasing LED lights. Learn more about LEDs and their many commercial and sports applications at Access Fixtures.

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