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The Cost-Cutting Power of eHID Technology

Electronic HID (eHID) ballast technology is a cost-cutting innovation that is shaking up the lighting industry by providing significant energy savings compared to standard magnetic HID ballasts. Electronic HID ballasts allow precise control of light output while using less electricity, enabling a reduction in lumen depreciation and energy consumption, in addition to savings achieved through lowered maintenance costs. The design of the ballast combines all the best elements of traditional HID systems integrated into a single, compact unit with improved ignition technology that improves the lifespan of the lamp and ballast. While fixtures equipped with eHID ballasts and approved lamps may cost more initially, customers will save significantly with reduced energy and lower maintenance as well.


When paired in luminaires with Metrolight-approved lamps, the potential savings are significant. Replacing aging lighting with eHID technology will typically provide over a 50% reduction in energy consumption without sacrificing lumen output or color quality. These light fixtures can replace traditional metal halide fixtures between 100 and 1000 watts with remarkable results. For example, a 1000w metal halide fixture can be replaced with a 450w eHID light fixture and provide as much light and longer life, along with all of the additional savings associated with the conversion.


This fixture is a 450 watt eHID Pulse Start – Metal Halide Premium Tilt Large Flood Light with Type 5 Reflector. It will provide as much light as its 1000w magnetic ballast equivalent. This fixture can be purchased from Access Fixtures here.


By providing a substantial reduction in energy consumption, improved lumen maintenance, precise dimming capabilities, and improved efficiency over magnetic HID ballasts, Metrolight-powered eHID fixtures are ideal for virtually any HID application. The dimming capabilities of these ballasts extend lamp life and dramatically reduce the frequency of lamp replacement, lowering maintenance costs throughout the life cycle of the lamp and ballast. Electronic HID ballasts can be connected to a number of standard control devices including analog and digital dimmers, sensors, and timers. This allows for dimming that can be controlled to accommodate human activity, daylight harvesting, and interactive light systems, all of which provide significant additional energy savings. Additionally, eHID technology will likely qualify your facility for rebates from your local government or utilities provider, further offsetting initial replacement costs. Electronic ballasts exceed the requirements of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which regulates ballast efficiencies for metal halide lamps. Electronic HID ballasted fixtures may also qualify for rebates from local utility companies, further offsetting initial replacement costs.

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