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The Many Faces of Bollards

Am I a light bulb or a doctor? Well, both actually. Dr. Bulb here, with an interesting tidbit about identity. So how about bollards? Are they moorings used to keep ships from floating away while they’re docked? Are they traffic control devices? Are they lights? All of the above!

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It is believed that the word bollard first emerged around 1844 and is rooted to the word bole, which means the stem or trunk of a tree. Their first use was to tie mooring ropes to, allowing boats to be securely fastened while they were docked. Since then, bollards have put on many different hats. Some are used to block traffic (even including huge military vehicles like tanks), some are used to section off areas, and some have lights in them and are used to light pathways, walkways, driveways, or virtually any other kind of ‘way’ you could imagine.  


It’s kind of funny to think about the history of bollards because, after all, they’re just stumpy little posts right? Totally wrong. This incredibly simple design is versatile, and while they seem goofy, they have stuck around so long due to their practicality. Bollard lights are one of the newest evolution of bollards, and the grandchild of bollard lights has just been born: LED bollards. Bollard lights are incredibly practical for lighting specific areas while maintaining a level of aesthetic appeal. LED bollards are one of the most advanced bollard options, with great light dispersion and energy efficiency. You have likely seen bollards lighting paths at your local park, or maybe walkways around your neighborhood. Bollard lights are everywhere, but often go unappreciated!

Learn more about the many varieties of bollard lights including round bollards with a dome or flat top, square bollards, and LED bollards.

Sometimes bollards get dressed up in preparation for halloween! Check out Billy Bollard, the Access Fixtures bollard light mascot.

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