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Top 5 Lighting Apps


I, Dr. Bulb, may be old, but that doesn’t mean that I am not on the cutting edge of technology. I can wield an iPhone and navigate Google with the best of them. In this blog, I am going to showcase some of the best lighting apps on the market. Of course, I will be counting from backwards from five to one, because I enjoy the suspense.

#5- Lighting Library

The Pegasus lighting library contains an extensive lighting glossary, lighting FAQs, and access to residential and commercial lighting tips. The lighting industry is a complicated place, I am constantly learning new terms, and often forgetting them as soon as I hear them. With the Lighting Library app all these terms are right on your mobile device.

#4- LED Flashlight

There is nothing I love more than new uses for LED lighting. This app is less about the industry and more about functionality. It turns your mobile device into a bright LED flashlight. An accessible flashlight can be useful anywhere, whether you’re at home searching for something under your bed or on an adventure exploring a cave. The flashlight is dimmable and has an instant-on startup so it is there instantly when you need it.

#3 Snaplink Mobile

This may be the only app on this list that is not free ($24.99), but some of the services it offers are amazing. With the right kind of bulbs and internet connection, Snaplink Mobile can turn your phone into a whole home remote control. Snaplink allows you to turn the lights in your house on and off and can even control the dimmer switch. Other functions of the app include security camera access and temperature control, but mostly I am excited about being able to brighten the lighting in my home without having to stand up and walk over to the light switch!

#2 Mood Lighting Cam

This app is out of this world cool: GE has created an app that allows the user to snap a picture of any room and then change the lighting in the picture using the “Moodometer.” The Moodometer has four options that include “peaceful,” “dramatic,” “cozy,” and “creative.” Now you might be thinking… well, who care about changing the lighting of a picture? But GE has taken the process one step further. After you set your lighting to the right amount of cozy or dramatic, GE will then show you the exact light bulb you should buy to achieve this light. That’s some great marketing right there!

#1 Learn LED

In case you have not learned anything about me from my other posts, I am an LED fanatic. Learning about how LEDs function and and the different uses for them takes up most of my day. This LED app is powered by Philips Lighting University, an excellent online learning destination. The app features the latest eBooks, LED vocabulary, LED webinars and  even short quizzes to test your knowledge. This app will definitely increase your LED knowledge in a fun and easy way.

Well, there you have it, my top five favorite apps. Maybe someday there will be a Dr. Bulb mobile phone app! I can imagine it being filled with LED and sports lighting information and hopefully some automation controls. But that is long in the future. For now, get out your smartphone, follow my blog, send me a tweet @doctorbulb and download some of these great apps!



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