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Wall Packs Combat Daylight Savings Darkness

Some studies have shown that daylight savings is correlated with energy savings. Dr. Bulb here with a fall-back daylight savings report. This National Geographic article discusses some of the findings regarding energy savings and daylight savings.

Another article explains that while there are energy savings in the afternoon, this is offset by the need for lighting in the morning since it is darker when we rise. These findings challenge long-held beliefs about the relationship between energy savings and daylight savings. In the fall following daylight savings, it is darker in the mornings and early evenings. This makes it especially important to have lights  illuminating walkways. Lighting is important for people’s comfort and safety. This type of lighting is well achieved with wall packs. Wall packs are a type of luminaire that attach to walls, often on the exterior of buildings, to light walkways and common spaces near. Wall packs are a great way to offset the dark morning and evening hours of daylight savings.

Wall packs come in many sizes, styles and types. View all of your wall pack options available at Access Fixtures.

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