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Why do Lighting Sales Increase in the Fall?

Dr. Bulb here, with a tid bit of lighting industry information for you. Did you know that commercial and sports lighting sales increase during the fall? Do you know why?


The answer is actually quite logical. Starting in the fall months, it gets darker outside earlier. How are you going to play a post-dinner game of tennis if you can’t see the ball coming your way? You’re not. Will you feel safe taking your dogs on a late night stroll if walkways aren’t well lit? No. The solution is lighting, of course.

Another reason for the increase in lighting sales in the fall is that in states where it is too hot to play outdoor sports in the summer, the fall is peak season. Residents of southern states take advantage of cooler weather and generally better conditions during the fall months; and they need lighting that enables them to do so safely. Well-lit walkways lend themselves to nighttime strolls, and appropriate lighting systems for outdoor sports facilities like tennis and basketball courts make nighttime gaming a possibility.

Commercial and sports lighting fixtures can extend the hours of fun and safety well into the night. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that by introducing lighting it will be safe to walk around alone all night long, but it would certainly contribute to building a safe environment. Read about your options for sports lighting.

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