Why LEDs Will Replace Incandescents

As you may remember from a previous post, it has been 50 years since Nick Holonyak Jr. invented LED technology. I, Dr. Bulb, have recently been struck by an article about a symposium centered around celebrating the past 50 years of LEDs, and discussing the future of this technology.


The symposium was held on October 24, at the I Hotel in Champaign Illinois. The article discusses the viewpoints of one of the many prominent attendees, M. George Crawford, a fellow at the Phillips Lumileds Lighting Co. Among Crawford’s views expressed in the article is the statement that half of all new light fixtures sold in the U.S. will be LED technology by 2015. He also predicts that LEDs will dominate the lighting industry within twenty years. These claims may seem far fetched, but there is a steady increase in light fixtures built for LEDs, or with LED options. Additionally, as LED technology continues to improve, these bulbs and fixtures will drop in price, making them more affordable. LED popularity is also growing as people become more aware of green options. Although initially more expensive than other options like incandescents, LEDs have a longer life, use less energy, and therefore, save people incredible amounts of money over the life of the fixture.

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