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Why would I pay more for LED?

LED lighting offers a multitude of benefits.  Most of these benefits stem from LED lights remaining consistently cooler than average lamps.  LED fixtures last on average 50,000 hours.  Without constantly intense heat the components tend to last longer.

Additionally since there is not a huge amount of excess heat we can gather that the lamp is very efficient, not losing energy to heat and instead converting that energy into light.  An LED lamp uses on average about 1/3 of the energy of its counterparts such as High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide.

So far we have gathered that LED’s use less energy, last longer but as we all know they can cost more. There has to be some additional benefits.  And truly there are.  The government has created subsidies for LED lamps, often paying rebates on LED lamps that cover 80% of the cost.  These rebates have really pushed the LED technology to be used in new developments and retro fits for existing lamps.

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