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Spooky Lighting to Make Your House the Best in the Neighborhood

With modern advances in LED lighting, your Halloween decorations will no longer be limited to carved-out pumpkins; no more will your neighbors mock your sad, flickering candles; and never again will you embarrass yourself with green glow sticks tied halfheartedly to your front porch. LEDs can make sure trick-or-treaters will run to your door, either dazzled by cool and classy lights or downright terrified by your spooky LED display.

LED Lightstrips Sync with Doorbell

Technology now offers you the ability to change the lighting on your front porch each time someone rings the doorbell. From a distance, your porch will look fun and inviting, but as soon as someone rings the bell, the LEDs will switch to a horrifying blood-red glow straight out of Nightmare on Elm Street. Or, you can surprise them with my personal favoritea vile, nauseating, green hue. On Halloween night, what more could you ask for?

Flameless Candles for Pumpkins

The flicker of a candle inside a carved pumpkin has been a mainstay in Halloween decorating for decades. However, they really aren’t the best option available. For one, keeping an open flame out on your porch presents an obvious fire hazard—especially on a night when kids are running up and down your porch for hours. There are pumpkin-lighting precautions you can take, but the risk will always be there. They also tend to fall over and burn out before the night is up. Instead, choose battery-operated, flameless candles with a long battery life. These flameless candles give the illusion of a flickering candle flame without the fire danger.

Halloween-House-led-lighting-effectsMusic and Lighting Create a Spooky Union

This Halloween season, consider creating a truly spooky scene in your yard with bulb and speaker combinations (it’s not too late!). Synchronize the lights with a scary Halloween playlist using programs such as Pulse that allow you to sync with Pandora or Spotify. The bulbs can brighten and darken in time with the music, creating a scary scenario in front of your house. Choose channels like Pandora’s “Spooky Symphony” for some interesting special effects using LED lighting. If you prefer a more fun light show, you can always go with singing pumpkins or cartoon monsters performing popular Halloween music such as “Monster Mash” or “Thriller.”

If you’d rather not compete with your neighbors’ music, you can always check out the LED LightShow Fire and Ice lighting available at Home Depot. Or, see if you can get your hands on Satechi’s remote-controlled LED light strip and change the colors of the lights whenever you want.

Whether you plan a fun, whimsical Halloween décor for this year or prefer the dark, scary version, LED lighting offers a wide range of options for decorating. Much safer than candles and brighter than glow sticks, LED lighting is one of the best choices for your front yard; it can provide safety and attention-grabbing decorations throughout the season. Happy haunting!